We are dedicated and committed to support our clients in attaining their personal potential!

What is our working method like?

At Team Peak Performance Coaching, we like to work with a clear structure. In this way, our clients know what to expect and in what way we will support their entire process.

Our working method is structured in the following way:

  1. Selecting the right package.
  2. Purchasing the desired package.
  3. Completing a questionnaire.

After our customers go through this process, they receive a tailor-made schedule. The schedule is completely personalized through the information that was given by the client. A tailor-made schedule is necessary for each individual to start achieving their intended personal goals.

We passionately strive to work effectively and efficiently with our clients through a tailor-made personalised approach.

How do we try to differentiate ourselves?

At Team Peak Performance Coaching, everything revolves around customization. We want to help our clients in achieving their personal goals. This requires a tailor-made approach for the client. In that way, we create the greatest potential opportunity for the individual to achieve the intended goals efficiently.

What makes our approach unique?

  • Tailor-made assistance is provided to the client by completing a questionnaire.
  • The customer is allowed to ask questions before, during, and after purchasing the desired service.
  • The customer can give suggestions or comments while preparing the desired service.

At Team Peak Performance Coaching, we spend a lot of time on the preparation process. Through good communication with the client and a good structural way of working, we strive for efficient and effective cooperation!

How to buy our coaching services?




Get to know our services and select the desired package from our online coaching.



Select the desired service, purchase it (shop), and get in touch with us.



Fill in the matching questionnaire to the purchased service and start your transformation.



Objective : to gain in lean muscle mass.

aulon doli

Objective : to gain in lean muscle mass.