How does online personal coaching work?

How does online personal coaching work? Wondering how online personal coaching works at Team Peak Performance Coaching? Find out more about how we work one-on-one with our clients digitally. Our online personal coaching, regardless of which package the client chooses, consists of the following components:

  •  Creating the desired service for the customer.
  •  Personal guidance of the client during the process.
  •  Adapting content if necessary for the customer.
  •  Availability for questions or remarks.
  •  Tailor-made tips based on years of experience.

Creating the desired service for the customer

First of all, the customer has to select a package that he or she wants. Then, after selecting and purchasing the desired package, the client receives a corresponding questionnaire that he or she can fill in immediately. Based on the answers provided by the customer, our coach will start working on the realization of the service desired by the customer. The client may, in the function of our workload, expect this schedule within four weeks. If after four weeks the client still has not received anything, he should inform us so that we can deliver the service as soon as possible.

Personal guidance of the customer during the process

After the client has purchased the service he or she wants, we get to work. Everything is clearly written out by our coach and sent in a way that the client clearly understands and can easily receive and process. If there are still questions, you can always contact our coach. During the duration of your trajectory, you have the right to ask questions to our coach. We will support you during the whole duration of your package.

Adjusting content if necessary for the customer

It is always possible that things may need to be adjusted in order to work closer to a goal. Every individual reacts differently to following training and nutrition schedules. If this is necessary, and the necessary result does not show, the client has the right to ask for adjustments. In this case, our coach will gladly look together with the client at where the problem lies, in order to subsequently solve it.

Availability for questions or comments

As already mentioned, the customer is entitled to receive assistance from our coach throughout the entire process of the package chosen by the customer. You can contact us with questions or comments on all our social media channels. Customers also get access to our WhatsApp after purchasing their desired package. If you have serious questions or comments, you can always call us or meet us online. We are always there for you and try to answer all your questions as quickly as possible.

Tailor-made tips from years of experience

Finally, our online personal coaching is characterized by its clear and easy-to-follow structure. The schedules are drawn up in such a way that they can be understood by everyone, regardless of your experience with fitness and nutrition. All this information is compiled from years of experience of our own coach. Furthermore, we are still learning every day. We regularly review the latest research on fitness and nutrition and try to learn new things from this so that we can pass it on to our customers.

How does online personal coaching work?

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