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How Bulking And Cutting Works

What Bulking Means

Bulking is putting on weight to gain as much muscle mass as possible in bodybuilding. To do this, bodybuilders take a long time to build a good physique. They first gain weight (fat and muscle mass) and then lose their stored fat reserves. What is bulking up? Eating a large amount of healthy food every day for several months or even years. How bulking and cutting works? Let’s find out!

When Bulking How Much Protein?

It is recommended to consume 2g of protein per kg of body weight for a successful bulk. If you take your body weight and multiply it by two, you will know how many grams of protein you need to consume for optimal recovery. Don’t overdo it, too much protein can damage your kidneys. So there is no need to overdo it with protein.

When bulking should you do cardio?

In theory, you don’t need to do any cardio when you’re bulking up. You want to use as much energy as possible to train hard and recover. Healthily gaining weight is the number one priority when bulking. However, it is recommended that you plan and do 60 to 90 minutes of cardio every week. This is mainly to keep the heart and body healthy.

Will bulking make me fat?

Bulking up can make you fat. That’s why it’s important to increase your calories slowly, month by month. This will allow you to gain weight slowly rather than too quickly. It gives you more time to bulk up and get stronger and your metabolism will work better to help you bulk up. Most of the weight you gain should be muscle mass. If you are gaining too much fat mass, reduce calories.

What is cutting?

Cutting is about losing fat while maintaining as much muscle mass as possible. Bodybuilders go through this process after a bulk. On the one hand, many do it to compete or to be on the leaner side. On the other hand, these bodybuilders go through a cutting phase to restore their metabolism so they can eventually bulk up again.

Which is harder, bulking or cutting?

How bulking and cutting works. Which is harder, bulking or cutting? In most cases, most people will find cutting harder than bulking. Healthily gaining weight is difficult, but not impossible. All you have to do is find the strength to eat every single time. But losing fat to the point you look extremely lean is more difficult. You will be hungry everyday, crave cheat meals, have less energy, and never feel full. Not many people can go through this process. It is pure willpower.

 How bulking and cutting works

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Objective : to gain in lean muscle mass.

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Objective : to gain in lean muscle mass.


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